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Anand Karaj is also the Sikh wedding ceremony Coventry

Sikh Wedding Limos Hire Coventry

Anand Karaj is also the Sikh wedding ceremony, which means “acts towards happiness” or “act towards happy new life”. It’s based on Guru Amar Das’ teachings. The word Anand means “one who is elevated”.

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The four sacred alms that are taken during a Sikh Wedding are: “Dal”, or flowers; “Nas”, which is a garland of flowers; “Choli”, which is a decorative display of clothes; and” Sikh japa”, which is a devotion. After the wedding, the Sikh Bride and Groom will take seven rounds around the holy fire. A Sikh Marriage is considered to be sacred by most Sikhs. This is also the reason for which Sikh Gurdies is very careful about their looks. It’s considered a sin for a Sikh to be seen wearing a non-Sik dress.

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Sikh Wedding Limo Hire

In a typical Sikh Wedding there would be music, dancing and speeches. There would be a Sikh Father in the wedding, who performs a dedication. All the family and friends gather at the venue for the wedding reception. The bride’s father has the responsibility of announcing the marriage to all the people, even though it is public. After the wedding the bride and groom go their separate ways.

Sikh Brides are usually expected to be very submissive to her Sikh Groom. They obey him completely. Herding the cattle is also a very important task in a Sikh Wedding. The bride has to keep the cows at a distance from the groom and have him feed the cattle before the bride arrives. This is known as “Dankar”, (after the bride).

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Sikh Grooms wears a turban called a tilak which covers their head and face. They wear a gold or silver medallion which represents their profession and the holy book on which they are sitting. Sikh Wedding is considered to be very sacred by the Sikh People. No female is allowed to meet the groom for seven days after the wedding. The bride spends the first night in the home of the mother of the groom and the next night in the home of the groom’s parents.

Sikh Marriage is considered to be a holy union because it is performed by a Sikh Marriage Commission which is officiated by a Sikh priest. Sikh Wedding Ceremonies has some common aspects with other marriages. There are no special instructions for the Sikh wedding ceremonies. They are the same as any wedding ceremony.

Sikh Wedding Ceremonies Coventry
Sikh Wedding Ceremonies Coventry

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The bride is adorned for her wedding and dressing includes preparing her for the marriage. She also prepares mentally for the big day. The bride and groom also have a pre-wedding meeting where they decide on all the issues like the venue, food and decorations. They also decide about who will pay for the wedding such as insurance or salary.

Sikh weddings are celebrated in a spirit of truth and honour. Unlike Hindu marriages, Sikh weddings are performed without the exchange of wedding vows and exchange of rings. Sikh Wedding is basically a marriage of two individuals and hence there is no exchange of money or property. The bride is also treated with great respect and honour, since she is considered to be the daughter of the groom.

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Traditionally, Sikh weddings are arranged marriages in which both families help choose the marriage partner for their offspring. Before marriage is considered, both of their individual agreements are sought.

An engagement (called the Kurmai) is not considered necessary but is usually performed a week before the wedding if desired and is usually carried out at the temple or at the home of the groom.

If the ceremony is held at home, the family of the bride visits the groom’s house and he is usually presented with a Kara (bracelet), kirpan (sword) or Indian sweets in both cases. A dress and sweets are presented to the bride’s family as gifts for their daughter.

In order to prepare the bride before her wedding, different Sikh families have different customs. For the days leading up to the wedding day, some families have five of the bride’s close relatives to stay with the bride. They comb a mixture of henna, oil and water through the hair of the bride, and with henna designs paint her hands and legs. A party of the groom and his relatives, known as the Baraat, are greeted, given food and entertained on the day before the wedding. The party either stays ready for the early morning service at the bride’s home or travels directly to the place of the wedding.

The ceremony of the Sikh Wedding

The Sikh wedding ceremony, which was introduced by Guru Amar Das ji, is called The Anana Karaj, meaning “Blissful Union” or “Joyful Union.”

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The groom is seated first during the ceremony. The bride is guided by her mother to her seat and is seated to the left of the groom. The couple are sitting in front of the Granthi, the officer who reads from the sacred book. At the marriage ceremony, any good Sikh, male or female, may officiate. The couple and their parents are standing and bowing to Sri Guru Granth Sahib to demonstrate their marriage consent.